Fleet tracking is a Management Solution that uses GPS to monitor the activity of tracked assets (vehicles, equipment, workers).  It is often referred to as vehicle tracking, AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) LBS (Location Based Services).  A fleet is generally a collection of assets such as cars, trucks, heavy equipment, field workers as well as powered and non-powered units such as trailers, light towers, Frac Tanks, etc.

The process of tracking uses telematics technology to collect data from a fleet of assets.  This data is normally collected in near real time (actively) so it is more useful for fleet managers, who use the data to make strategic decisions about operations (which vehicle should I dispatch to a new job, where is the nearest crane, how many generators do we have in the yard, has my lone worker returned from the jobsite etc).

Why yes we do! We have partnered with the Apollo ELD app, SATCOMM GPS is fully U.S. DOT FMCSA regulations compliant. Apollo ELD was the second solution to be certified by the FMCSA (2016). Log you HOS (Hours-Of-Service) and status, Apollo ELD keeps track and alerts you to potential violations in advance. We also have several devices certified with the FMCSA that we can help you choose from.

Our developers work hard to make our portal not only easy on the eyes, but also very user friendly. When you partner with SATCOMM GPS, we guide you every step of the way with our Hardware Installation Training, Portal User Training and Driver Training when it comes to our ELD Solution.

We also support you after the sale with a team that can assist you, either over the phone or via email.

Yes, it’s powerful software with lots of features but it’s also designed to be quick and easy to use for anyone who just likes to “step on the gas and go”.

As a Fleet Management Professional, you do not have time to be staring at your computer screen all day. SATCOMM GPS offers plenty of options for Fleet Managers on the go including our mobile apps and alerts that go directly to your phone via SMS / MMS text or email. You’ll have quick access to a range of key information about your fleet’s current performance at your fingertips when and where you need it!

SATCOMM GPS is a full service “Mixed Fleet” solution provider. We do not just sell you an “off the shelf” product. We listen to your needs and are able to provide your organization with a custom offering whether that’s in the hardware or the portal.

SATCOMM GPS is one of the few providers that can provide you with a full end-to-end platform solution that covers your mobile resource management needs now, and into the future.

Ask lots of questions! We’ll supply you with the best information available. Our sales team never learned anything from talking, which is why we instruct them to listen to what you have to say! They work to understand your business goals so that they can provide a solution which is not only a fit for you today, but tomorrow as you grow.

As with any change in regards to your team, it always depends on how you explain it to them. Ultimately our solutions are not rolled out to single out a team member, but to standardize behavior and allow a more efficient operation.

SATCOMM GPS clients partner with us to improve the security and safety of their team members, as well as create a more cohesive business model.

The software solution offered by SATCOMM GPS is highly adaptable. By utilizing our flexible platform along with access to a full range of M2M products, we make easy to add solutions over time.

Simply contact our support team to discuss new requirements as they arise.

SATCOMM GPS supplies a variety of GPS tracking units which can be wired directly into the tracked asset or simply plugged into the OBD Port using a Y-Splitter Cable. Either option allows the device to be hidden to help prevent tampering.

We also are able to offer solar powered units, long life battery powered units as well as both Satellite and Cellular modem units for the data transmission.

Almost, in some cases. There is a cost for every GPS coordinate transmitted for live tracking systems. The more frequent the tracking device reports to the portal, the more expensive the monthly subscription service can be. In reality outside of the sales world of “tell you want to hear” there is a latency between the GPS unit reporting its location to the satellite and then having to transmit that data via satellite or cellular transmission based on signal strength and availability. Realistically, the most granular reporting you can expect is approximately 20-30 seconds to an industry standard of 2 minutes.

Some systems log GPS data based on driving behavior, not a set time interval. This tends to provide a higher resolution of the actual vehicle path traveled but at the standard market rate. This service is very affordable when this level of resolution is chosen.

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