The Benefits of partnering with SATCOMM GPS are many…  here are just a few!


If a Reduction In Fuel Costs is the only reason you start tracking vehicle location and performance, it’s sure to payoff! GPS Asset Management with SATCOMM GPS has been proven to reduce fuel costs time and time again. The Aberdeen Group recently concluded that GPS vehicle tracking systems have helped companies reduce fuel costs by 13% on average. SATCOMM GPS helps keeps vehicle fuel costs low through monitoring.

Improve driver behavior with greater visibility into driver activity.  This is possible through monitoring and eliminating excessive speed and unauthorized use. SATCOMM GPS  Asset Management Solutions provide real-time alerts enabling you to check drivers when they exceed Speed, Idle Time, or apply harsh braking practices.  SATCOMM GPS will help standardize your driver’s behavior through our various coaching options.

You’ll know exactly when your drivers begin and end their shifts, where they went, and how many jobs they completed each day with SATCOMM  GPS Asset Management Solutions.  With our system you’ll never have to guess if your drivers took the scenic route home or enjoyed an extra long lunch again. You and your team will be surprised how much more productive your staff will be with SATCOMM GPS Asset Management!

SATCOMM GPS gives your organization the GPS Asset Management tools needed to prevent unauthorized vehicle use and protect your business from unnecessary liability. Now you can stop wondering if your drivers are using company vehicles for side jobs, weekend getaways, or other inappropriate trips. You can immediately be alerted if vehicles travel during non- working hours or if they are speeding.

GPS Fleet Tracking from SATCOMM GPS gives you a way to protect your drivers and vehicles. Unfortunately, vehicles and company equipment get lost and stolen. Now you have a way to locate and recover those assets as soon as possible. Also, be alerted if vehicles or assets begin moving during off-hours or are speeding. GPS Asset Management gives you a way to better control vehicle movement and driver behavior.