SATCOMM GPS is a global leader in Location-Based Services delivered via a mobile device. We strive to understand our clients’ business and their needs, empowering them with our tools…

FLEET tracking


With the SATCOMM GPS tracking platform, you are not limited to the type of asset you would like to track.  Clients of SATCOMM GPS track vehicles, powered (off-road equipment) and non powered (trailers, skid units, compressors, blast pots) for simple location to unauthorized use.  Field operations can be monitored for inefficiencies in utilization and be protected from theft.  Parameters for specific assets can be assigned based on need, time of operation, distance from a set location, speed limit and much more.  In addition, dispatchers can track vehicle location to determine who is the closest to a work site for more efficient dispatch via our “Routing & Dispatch” Solution.

If it’s accountability or recognition you’re looking for, we can provide driver score cards based on customizable parameters of your choosing.  Speeding, Hard Braking, Hard Acceleration, Abrupt Lane Changes and Seat Belt Usage for example can all be monitored to provide a snapshot to help standardize your driver’s habits.

certified ELDs


SATCOMM GPS is your gateway to DOT Compliance.  Through our partnership with the CyntrX ELD Pro app, SATCOMM GPS is fully U.S. DOT FMCSA regulations compliant.  CyntrX ELD Pro was one of the first solutions certified by the FMCSA.  Log your HOS (Hours-Of-Service) and status, CyntrX ELD Pro keeps track and alerts you to potential violations in advance. 

SATCOMM GPS also offers the ability to utilize Truck-Specific Navigation apps on the same device as your ELOGS, which can provide detailed maps of the U.S. and Canada that include truck restrictions and related information for most major roads and highways.  Input the specs of your rig and load such as height, weight, length, width and HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials).  SATCOMM GPS will match your profile with a route selected to save time, fuel and money.  In addition, use the onboard trip planner, create routes with multiple stops to drive now or save for future trips.  All of this including 2-Way Messaging with your Dispatch!

ASSET tracking


Tracking heavy equipment such as “Yellow Iron”, generators, compressors, light poles, storage units, frac tanks and other valuable assets are important to the security of a company.  The devices SATCOMM GPS offers can be used for a variety of GPS monitoring needs from dots on a map, to sensor monitoring such as productive idling, fluid levels or unauthorized use.

Our library of devices includes long life battery trackers with solar recharging capabilities, or wired units which can provide exterior antennas or builtin antennas for a more stealth install as well as a choice between Cellular and Satellite for data transmission.  With a variety of mounting options like magnetic, screws, or just about anything you can come up with, your options for location of the units are almost endless.

Whether for security, asset utilization, unauthorized use or PM Scheduling, if it’s a valued asset in your fleet or a piece of rental equipment, you can count on SATCOMM GPS to track it!


Oil & Gas




Field Services






Refuse Trucks





Concrete Pumps



“Mixed Fleets” can pose quite a challenge for today’s fleet management professional and that’s why you need SATCOMM GPS on your team!  We specialize in fleets that require unique fleet management strategies.   Browse our Benefits page using the link below to learn how SATCOMM GPS solutions can optimize your fleet’s utilization and performance.